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The Humble Spud

I have always prided myself on the range and quality of the humble potato that I have for sale. At any one time I have at least six varieties on offer - often up to ten. "What do we do with all of these" I hear you say. To help you out I have drawn up a Potato Chart - which you can download and tape to the fridge for future reference.

We currently have in stock eight varieties: Sebagos, Dutch Cream, Nicola, Ottway Red, King Edward, Spunta, Kipfler and Desiree. All unwashed - and Certified Organic. Let's not also forget the Gold Sweet Potato which are now back on the shelf.


One of the OM's long standing organic potato growers, who is sadly not with us any more - wrote some notes for me on the process of growing potatoes 'conventionally'.
He was a long term commercial grower before switching over to organics.
I would like to share them with you:

Potato Buying Notes

"If you are buying potatoes not grown organically, the ones you are using have most likely been subjected to many chemicals, such as:

  • The planted seed dusted or dipped in fungicide or chemicals
  • Heavy dressings chemical fertilizers
  • Several to many sprayings of pesticides and fungicides
  • The foliage of the potatoes sprayed with herbicide before maturity to kill plants to
    produce the attractive white potato for pre-packs
  • The land used for growing the crop possibly had many applications of chemical fertilizers and sprays

This is one reason why I sell and only eat Certified Organic Potatoes - others are 'taste' and the 'nutritional benefits' that this often underrated vegetable gives. Potatoes have also copped a bad rap for their Glycaemic Index (GI), often quoted as being high GI. In fact this varies a lot from one variety to the next. For example the Desiree has a high GI of 101, while the Nicola and Dutch Cream (the caviar of potatoes) have a much lower GI of just 58 ....not quite on the "low GI food" list of 55 or less, but almost! So everyone can enjoy their potatoes by taking a common sense approach to your selection and cooking/serving methods.

Here are some statistics and facts about the nutrients and health benefits of fabulous potatoes:

  • 99.7% fat free (when cooked as a jacket potato)
  • Gluten free
  • Less calories than rice and pasta
  • Cholesterol free
  • Very low in salt (sodium)
  • More fibre than five bananas
  • More potassium than a banana
  • Twice the Vitamin C of blueberries, more Vitamin C than an orange

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The Humble Spud

I have always prided myself on the range and quality of the humble potato that I have for sale. At any one time I have at least…

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