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An Insight into the OM

Over the past 26 years I have sourced a lot of information from various online sites to help me in my decision making for my business.

Without doubt the most useful and thought provoking has been Ken Burgin's 'Profitable Hospitality' website There are more than 1400 Management & Marketing Downloads. Templates, manuals & calculators are ready to use - the hard work has been done for us. Plus over a 1000 resource articles with the latest and best strategies for management, marketing and profit-building.

Downloads include:

  • 220 Staff Management Downloads - designed to assist you with the industry's greatest challenge: finding and keeping good staff.
  • 800 Restaurant, Kitchen and Bar Management Downloads - standard industry Forms and Checklists for productive and efficient work systems.
  • 350 Marketing Action & Promotion Downloads - ready to use: flyers, emails, surveys and sales letters.

It is well worth buying the 1st Class Membership if you are in the hospitality business.

Anyhow - enough of this well deserved promo.

If you would like to get a little bit of an insight into how the Organic Market & Café ticks over on a day to day basis - Ken recently interviewed me, asking the hard questions in one of his podcasts. I would like to share this with you.

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The Humble Spud

I have always prided myself on the range and quality of the humble potato that I have for sale. At any one time I have at least…

Herbs & Spices

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Cowboy Marketing

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Insight into the OM

Without doubt our most useful source of professional help has been Ken Burgin’s ‘Profitable Hospitality’ website.

An Umbrella Goes to India

Some beautiful photographs taken by David and Kath Inverartiy on their recent travels to India.


The local fig season in South Australia is upon us. Don’t they just look fabulous?
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