Experience our café - We keep things simple

Good wholesome food and great coffee, tea, juices and smoothies.

Bowl drawing

A calming vibe and friendly staff create a true destination for lovers of casual dining.

We are shamelessly proud and passionate about the wholesome food and coffee we offer.

Our food is primarily vegetarian based, and can cater for specific dietary requirements.

The Café has been recognised with an Environmental Sustainable Savour ‘Green Table Award’ for its sustainable philosophy and practices.

Our Chefs create fresh salads daily - plus soups and ‘special’ main dishes

 While our food bench assemble & bake the bruschettas, focaccias and croissants to order. We use seasonal, local produce with a focus on organic wherever possible

We also cater for outside functions - Interested? - ring Bron to have a chat (8339 4835)

Our coffee, wine and freshly pressed juice

Our organic coffee from D’Angelo is the centrepiece of our drinks list. Black or made with Paris Creek organic milk or a milk substitute. Teas, smoothies, fresh juices, beers and wines share the second spot.

Fresh Juices

Arts Space

Art, textiles, jewellery and pottery have a monthly space available in our Café on a no commission basis. If you would like to display your artwork - do contact Elle on (08) 8339 4835.

Avoid the Queue...
why wait?

Did you know we have a ‘Drive Thru’? Park by the window, ‘toot’ and leave the rest to us.

Or order direct from your table…we have QR codes on our table condiment boxes for you to use when you dine in with us!